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When you are looking for work from home ideas, it is important to keep in mind all of the traditional part time jobs that people used to do before the internet. Sure there are many opportunities online, but some of the old style work at home jobs are alive and well. One example is market research.

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When you work for a market research company, you are asking people to tell you about their lifestyle and habits, especially where it relates to what they buy. Most people enjoy doing this type of work which allows you to meet people or talk on the phone.

The style of the work can vary. A lot of market research is done by phone, but face to face interviewing is also popular. This may mean standing at the mall interviewing shoppers, or visiting people at home.

If you need to be home with the kids, you will want to limit your work from home ideas to things that can be done at home, like telephone surveys. If not, you may enjoy mixing it up and getting out of the house sometimes.

The best type of personality for a market researcher is probably somebody who is friendly and interested in people, without being too talkative. The point is not to talk about yourself but to get the other person to talk, so it’s useful to have the skills of a good listener.

Most people are happy to be interviewed and talk about their preferences, if they are not in a rush for some reason. However, from time to time you may approach a person who turns out to be difficult. They may vent some anger or even give you abuse about what they see as your intrusion into their lives. It is very important to be able to handle this well.

When you run into that kind of difficulty, always stay polite, and move on. Understand that the abuse or anger is directed at the policies of the company you are working for, not at you yourself. Do not take it personally.

Unlike other work from home ideas, you can begin market research interviewing with very little equipment. You will want a phone of course, and access to a computer so that your supervisor can send you paperwork by email. It is useful to have a fax machine for the same reason, but not essential.

If you will be meeting people in person, then the company that employs you will usually require that you look presentable with the same kind of dress standards that you would wear for an office job. If all of your work is calling people on the phone, dress does not matter, of course, but they will want you to have a clear and pleasant voice.

If you can speak a second language, always mention this when you are looking for market research jobs. Language skills are often useful and you may be able to claim a higher rate of pay for interviewing in Spanish, Asian languages or whatever you can speak. In summary, always make the most of any skills that you have when you are applying for work and considering work from home ideas.

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