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If you want to work from home for free, the first thing to consider is whether you want to work for somebody else or have your own business.

Having your own business can bring greater rewards in the long term but it can mean hard work at the start and probably some months with little or no income. In fact, many new business owners find that their business actually costs them money, because there is a certain amount that you have to invest.

It is hard to work from home for free if you are trying to set up a business. You will probably find yourself spending money on stationery, stock, training, equipment, computer software and many other expenses.

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What is more, something around 90% to 95% of new home businesses fail in the first five years. So you are not even guaranteed a return on your investment of time and money.

Because of this situation, many people who want to work from home for free decide to work for somebody else instead. When you do this, you are not likely to have any expenses other than maybe a few stamps and phone calls. Sure, the business owner is probably profiting from your work and you are simply paid for your time, but you do not have the risk of the business failing.

Plus the business owner has the task of finding customers and marketing his business. This is one of the most important tasks in setting up a small business. Many people hate doing it and most people have no training in it. This is probably the main reason for that high business failure rate, in fact.

But you can cut all this out by working for others. A lot of businesses are run entirely online these days, and business owners will hire you without caring where you live. You have no commute and you are usually free to do the work at times that suit you, although of course there will be deadlines for delivery.

The skills that are needed by online businesses are often associated with the internet, of course. However, you do not necessarily have to know a lot about computers. If you are a good graphic designer you may find work designing websites or simply designing the graphics. If you can do the technical work of coding a site or setting up a blog, you will find many people happy to pay you for doing that.

For example, you could set up a few sample sites and then visit local businesses in your area and show them the sites that you designed. If you can do some SEO work so that the sites rank well in Google, local businesses will often employ you to design or tweak their own site to get them better rankings.

Most restaurant owners, builders, etc could benefit from having a well designed website but do not have the time or the wish to work on it themselves.

Of course if you do not have these skills there are other opportunities. Writing articles for website owners can be a steady way to make money. For this you need to be able to write good English. It helps if you can also quickly pick up a subject by reading about it.

You will need to be able to research the topic and then write in your own words so that the article is original and does not break any copyrights. Craigslist and are good places to start if you want to look for writing work from home for free.

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