What Is The Secret Of Success?


It is only after graduation that you will be able to have a taste of what the “real world” is.  No more allowances from your parents and no more teachers to tell you what to do. 

Suddenly you realize how much easier and fun it was to be a student in school than to be a fully independent adult in this sometimes cold cruel world.

Everyone wants to know the secret of success.  Starting a career is never easy and the feeling of desperation and hopelessness can sometimes become just “too familiar”. 

Never let panic or anxiety creep in.  Gather yourself up and know that everyone goes through the same dilemma.  What you have to do is find your focus and stay in it.  Read on and learn about a few things that will surely be helpful in your life journey.

It is important that you recognize your goals and focus on them.  This is the very first key to the secret of success. When you set your goals, you have these targets that lay the direction of your life. 

Make your goals simple and attainable.  Be realistic and set your goals considering your capabilities and limitations.

When you set your goals, make a timeline too.  Give yourself a deadline on when you expect to achieve a certain target.  This will push you to work towards it persistently. 

 Timelines also help you organize your actions.  They will keep you out of aimlessness and idleness.

Aside from timelines, you also have to set your missions and values.  The former are your objectives of why you are engaging yourself in a certain endeavor, while the latter is the combination of your beliefs, philosophies, and principles in going through life.  When you have these foundations, it will never be too hard to find your way to success.

Make an inventory of yourself.  Reflect and get to know about your true core being.  You can never make use of any secret of success unless you know the real person within you. 

Know your limits and bounds.  What are you willing to compromise? 

This will help you determine what aspects in a job or career you’d be willing to adjust to.  This will also tell which kind of endeavor you’d have the desire to develop and explore more.

Once you already know yourself and have set your goals, see what is out there.  A lot of jobs and business opportunities are available in different industries.  Some may be worth exploring more than the others—depending on how you value them.  Make a list of those which interest you.

Lastly, take a shot on landing a job or starting that business.  Be positive.  Expect that there will be difficulties and big adjustments. 

 No one instantly knows everything.  You have to go through the whole process.  Let Time be your friend.  Never hurry.  Learn from every single experience—good or not so good. 

When something bad happens, be sad, but never for too long. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off.  Stay rooted on your mission, values, and goals.  When you do, you’ll never lose your way.

Once your done, sit down and write your own article about The Secret Of Success.

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