The Power Of The Mind

Many people do not give nearly enough credit to the power of the mind.  Ever notice that positive people tend to be more successful than negative people? Could that be because the power of their positive thinking helps to drive them towards success and happiness?

While some people are naturally more positive, even those that are not can learn to become more positive thinkers and, in doing so, harness some of the power of the mind to help them reach their goals.

Here are some ways to learn to use the power of the mind in ways that can benefit your life.


Visualization is a tool that can help you attract the things you want.  First, decide on a goal.  It could be related to your relationship, your career or any other part of your life.  Next, set aside some time a couple of times a day and find a quiet place where you can be alone.  This could be a room in your home, or even in your car. 

Begin to concentrate on your breathing, and take slow breaths in and slow breaths out.   Now begin to use the power of the mind to form a mental picture of you goal.  Continue adding details to the mental image until you see exactly what you want. For example, don’t just visualize landing a new job.  Instead, visualize your dream job down to every last detail including co-workers, work space and benefits.

As you work on your mental picture, imagine what you would feel like in that situation.  What would your wear? What might it smell like? Add as many details to the image as possible.

Focus on this imagery at least twice a day, adding more details as you are inspired.  Think only positive thoughts and if any negative thoughts try to invade your visualization, put positive thoughts in their place.

Positive affirmations are another way of training your mind to focus on the positive while leaving no room for the negative.  While visualization requires a bit of set aside time and a quiet place to relax, affirmations can help you unleash the power of the mind anywhere, anytime.

Affirmations are simply positive self talk.  Tell yourself you can do it.  Speak positively to yourself about yourself and about your surroundings and your situation.

The more you do, the easier it will be to retrain your mind to focus on the positive in most every situation.

Make positive affirmations a regular part of your day.  Anytime a negative thought tries to pry its way in, put a positive affirmation in its place.

Of course, practicing visualization and affirmations are not a guarantee that you will quickly reach your goals.  They are yet another tool for your power of positive thinking toolbox.  The key is to be patient and consistent.

There is also science to back the belief that the mind holds power.  The world renowned Mayo Clinic is just one of the medical institutions that use biofeedback as a treatment for certain medical conditions.  This works because biofeedback teaches patients how to use their mind to control certain physical responses including blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

With both scientific and abundant anecdotal evidence about the power of the mind, today is the day to choose to use that power to help you achieve your dreams and live the best possible life.

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