Increasing the trustworthiness of your business is really necessary if you want to see long term results.

You need to help your prospects trust you if you want them to buy from you, and the best way to do that is through testimonials. If you’re in the position where you have made some sales, but you don’t have many testimonials, then that needs to be addressed, immediately. If you have customers, then you’re in luck because we’re about to show you how to increase your social proof using three strategies.

The first approach is simple and obvious, you can first try asking people if they’re happy with their experience and then for a testimonial. Most of the time people won’t really praise a company or a product in writing, even if they love it. So that is why it’s incumbent on you to be proactive about it and ask. A non-threatening way to approach this is to ask for customer feedback about any aspect of their experience.

So what you want to do is read any feedback you get, and then search for all the positive remarks and comments. If you have any material that can be used, then you need to get their permission to use it in your marketing and testimonials. It’s difficult to say how people will respond because not everyone wants their name on a website, but you should get some positive replies.

Besides that, asking for a testimonial is a great way to build a one on one relationship with your customers because they will feel valued when they see that their feedback is taken into consideration. It’s in your best interest to do this, and if you’ve never done it then it may feel a little awkward.

Most markets have a more professional component that includes real research that has been done, and you can talk about that kind of activity. This kind of corroborating information can work absolute wonders for conversions. This kind of content works very well with testimonials, and you should do your own research to find it. Many big companies use this strategy to show their prospects how their product has helped their clients.

If you can provide terrific case studies, then you would be crazy not to use it.

This next one can be a little tricky, maybe, but do make sure the people providing you with your feedback are related to your intended audience. It’s really important that everyone relates to each other between the readers and the testimonial providers. There is no doubt that when that occurs, the people reading will have a better feeling about everything.

When this all works well, then your conversion rates will reflect those good feelings. In conclusion, from the above article we can easily conclude that generating quality testimonials is all about thinking out of the box and working with your customers in the most effective manner. Be sure to take strong action because that’s the only way you’ll grow your business and become more successful.

You need to give it some time if you’re just starting out, and once you think it’s the right time, go ahead and start applying the ideas that we discussed in this article.

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