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Over the last few years, it has become easier to find stay at home jobs. The expansion of the internet has meant that many more people are able to work from home and connect to their employers via a computer connection.

The range of jobs that you can do from home is wide. You can still find traditional stay at home jobs such as assembly work, by phoning large local manufacturers and asking them for work. You may find that there is a waiting list and that work is only available at certain times of year.

Manufacturers who are looking for people to do piecework, assembling furniture or other products, do not usually have to advertise. So if you see an advertisement for this type of work, be careful. Check out the company very thoroughly, because it could easily be a scam.

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Be especially suspicious if they ask you to pay for anything – equipment, deposits, shipping, any kind of payment at all. A reputable manufacturer would not normally ask you for any payment, and will usually provide any special tools that you need.

Piecework jobs are often very badly paid. Manufacturers are able to pay low rates because there are usually enough people willing to work for low pay. Keep in mind that as you become more used to the work, you will get faster, and this means earning more per hour. However, stay at home jobs like these are not easy money.

To make a better return on your time, it is worth thinking about whether you have special interests or skills that people would pay for. What are you good at, that other people struggle with and might pay you to do for them?

Many of us have trouble thinking about our positive points, so you might find it helpful to ask a supportive friend or a former work colleague to list your strengths for you. They will probably say some things that will surprise you, and some may turn out to be marketable skills.

An interesting way to make money from home is to become a stock photographer. You need to be able to take good, professional quality digital photos, and then you simply upload them to the internet for others to purchase.

You will register your photographs with one of the many stock photograph sites online. They have customers who visit the site to find photos that they can use on their websites. This means that you do not have to worry about marketing, it will be done for you by the stock photo library.

Each picture that you take may be downloaded by many different customers. The amount that you earn per download is small, but when you have a large number of photos available on the site it can add up to a good income.

This is a good example of a way to work from home that capitalizes on a person’s individual skills. Even if you are no photographer, you probably have some skills of your own. Make a list now and investigate whether some of them could be turned into stay at home jobs.

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