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If so many people were not interested in building their own membership sites, we wouldn’t be seeing such a large number of courses, e-books and videos on the subject being released every week.

What follows are some helpful ideas that can quickly improve sales for your membership site if you put them into practice.

One proven method for increasing sign-ups is to offer new members a free trial for a certain amount of time. Many popular membership sites use this strategy, and it works very well.

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The reason why it works is because when you ask someone to pay to access your site’s premium content, they first want to make sure it’s going to live up to their expectations. A free trial allows them to sample it without paying up front.

Your membership site will seem like a safe decision when you don’t try to immediately sell members something. They will appreciate being able to sample your site for free and then make the decision later about whether it’s worth paying for.

You can make this free trial for as long as you want. Whether this is three days or thirty days, or somewhere in between, is your choice, and you can test different free trial periods to see which converts best.

Customer service is something that’s vital to focus on when you have a membership site, just as important as the content you provide people with. The kind of customer service you offer can be the difference between members feeling like they’re receiving great value and feeling like your site is a waste of their time. You have to offer full support to your members, and make it easy for them to contact you.

Surf around the web and look at forums in your targeted niche to find any questions that people are asking related to your niche. Give the best answers you can; just be sure to use a signature that contains a link to your site and you can get free publicity.

Another type of site where you can post a free link (in the proper place) are those like Yahoo! Answers, if you search for questions related to your niche.

This is a simple yet powerful way to boost your site’s sales and get new members because in a way you’re showing people how much value you can provide, which will make them want to check your site.

In summary, making more sales for your membership site is mainly a matter of using good judgment and following some basic principles. Of course, this is a project that you have to keep working on, but it’s worth it as you can keep expanding.

A quality membership site can grow to an almost unlimited extent. You then have an ongoing, increasing source of profit. If this is your goal, then it’s time to put all this theory to good use in the real world. You can have a membership site that will be the envy of other marketers if you put in the effort.

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