Making Money On eBay

Making money on eBay (R) may not be as easy as it used to be, but it is still possible. There are many people earning a good living from their eBay businesses.

Many people start out as eBay sellers by selling things around the house that they do not need. That is a great way to get experience of the eBay selling process and if you are just starting out with auction sales, you should not skip this step.

However, once you have learnt the basic selling process and built up some seller feedback, it is time to move on to something that can earn you more money with less effort.

When selling individual items, you will have noticed that it can take a long time to write and design a good eBay listing. Not only that but you have to take a photo and then edit and upload the photo. All of these things take time and it is not going to be worth your while selling a lot of different small items for 99 cents if you have to photograph and describe each one individually.

This means that the best way to be making money on eBay is to sell a lot of the same item, or just a small range of items. Then all that you have to do is write one listing, take one photo, and keep on repeating the listing.

It will also help buyers to trust you. This is because if you are listing a lot of the same type of thing, they can see that you are a serious seller of whatever you have decided to specialize in.

In fact, if you have two very different ranges of goods, such as children’s toys and domain names, you might want to set up different eBay accounts to sell them from. Otherwise there is a risk that somebody who is on the point of paying you $1,000 for a great website might change their mind when they check out your eBay store and find that it is full of furry toy animals.

What you sell will depend on the space that you have available in your home. Established sellers may rent warehouses but this is not usually an option when you are starting out. Of course, you can use drop shipping, but be aware that many others may be doing the same and these people will be in direct competition with you on eBay. Often it is better to use a site like to source imported goods.

Many business sellers find that it works out best to list items under Buy It Now. You can experiment with this for your particular range of goods. With auctions, it is true that you may sometimes have keen bidders pushing the price up high, but this is not so likely if you are selling repeat items.

Often, buyers are prepared to pay a little more to save the hassle of coming online to bid again and again before an auction ends, or missing out on the item completely. Buy It Now is often a simple and effective solution for both buyer and seller and can help you build a good business making money on eBay.

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