How You Can Have A Better Life

The journey begins.  Start off by being happy with who you are right now and accept yourself, warts and all.  Don’t compare yourself or your life to anyone else.  Don’t wish you had what they have.  Be happy with who you are.

Know Who You Are And Then Be Who You Are.

Be secure with who you are.  Changing the way you think and act in an attempt to please other people will only bring more setbacks in your quest to have a better life.  You will still be a good person but people will just have to except you for who you are.  Now, tell yourself “It’s time to move on, I will move forward”. 

Break the Cycle

You are where you are because of the thoughts and habits that you have formed up until now.  The only encouraging news about this statement is that you can now change things for the better.  Know that from this moment on things are about to change, more on this later.

It’s Time To Dream Big

There is no doubt that there are things that you want in your life: better health, more joy, extra money, whatever it is, please do not settle for mediocrity.  You must shoot for the stars.

Write down on a card exactly what it is you want.  Carry it with you and look at it as many times throughout the day as possible.  You will soon be amazed at how your vision of your future will change.  It is said that without vision people parish.  Don’t let this happen.

Now That You Have Made the Choice

The decision has been made to have a better life; you have written down what you want and begun to burn it into your mind.  Now is the time to discover the power of your thoughts and words. 

 Did you know that thoughts determine destiny, they will dictate your attitude, self image and actions?  Begin to think about what you want as if you have already accomplished it, that’s a done deal.  Let nothing negative enter your mind.

When you think positive thoughts and strive for the best you will shoot towards greatness like a rocket.

Begin to watch the words that you speak.  Do not talk about your problems or what you may be lacking, only talk about the solutions.  Understand that words are very powerful, once they come out of your mouth, good or bad, the seed has been planted.  It’s better to have flowers than weeds.

Master Your Emotions

Don’t let the little things bother you; they seem to be the ones that bother a guy the most.  For some reason, not being able to find a place to park, the movie is sold out, the waiter is a little rude, seems to rub us the wrong way.  Refuse to let those little things take away your joy.  Choose to be happy.  Become bigger than your problems.

You Are About There

Begin to surround yourself with a positive atmosphere, start reading self improvement books and listen to motivational tapes. 

Find time everyday to do this, repetition gets into the body and makes things happen. Decide that things are now going to change and that you will do and learn everything it takes to have a better life.

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