How To Make Your Blog Sticky

Thanks to blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress, building a blog and launching it is amazingly easy; anybody with a couple of minutes can be up and running incredibly quickly.

Blogs are great for content in any niche and adding one for your business or company can definitely help you gain new ground no matter your market. Of course, if you want to be successful with your blog you need to make sure you send targeted traffic to it.

If you don’t have visitors you don’t have readers. If your blog isn’t sticky you won’t be able to turn your “drive by” traffic into regular readers.

Pretty much every blog out there has a subscribe option which allows readers to subscribe to be notified through an RSS feed every time the site is updated. If you really want to get more people to subscribe to the content on your blog, make sure that the option is obviously displayed on your site. If the subscription button is small or blends in, how will readers know that it is there?

Don’t be afraid to be really bold and blunt about the readers’ option to subscribe to your feed. If you make sure to do this, your subscription numbers will rise as will your stick rate. If you see that one of the posts you have written is getting a lot of attention make sure to leverage that as best you can.

Creating links to related posts for the heavily trafficked posts isn’t that hard to do and it is worth the time since doing so provides extra value to your readers and encourages them to stay on your site. It’s easy to create a post that follows up on that certain post so that the reader has the opportunity to learn more about that topic. There are tons of ways through which you can create a stronger presence of your blog when you get such a traffic spike.

Working on your branding is a very important way to increase the stick rate of your blog. This will help your blog stand out from the rest and your new visitors will be able to instantly recognize the strong brand value and understand the main aim of your blog.

This needs to then be infused into everything you use to make your image stronger to viewers like content, design and logo. This will create a unique selling point for your blog which will help you gain more loyal readers.

All in all, creating a successful blog is all about balancing your content with the right kind of traffic. If you have regular readers coming to your blog, you won’t really have to look around for new sources to get visitors.

The readers and subscribers you’ve built up, because they like what you have to offer, will do that for you. So it is very important to focus on creating a quality blog and making sure that you do whatever you can to build a stick rate–after that everything else just falls into place.

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