How To Build A Squeeze Page For High Conversions

Online marketing is a case of knowing how to use and leverage the assets you already own to make a profit. Such a resource, and probably one of the most important assets you can have in online marketing, is your email list.

One of the first things you have to create is a squeeze page if you need to build your list from zero. This is the page where you will get the email addresses and start building your list. With time and a few tweaks here and there, you will be able to improve the results of your squeeze page, with the help of constant testing and tracking, even though there are many issues that play a role in how well your page will succeed.

First of all, the content of your squeeze page should be short and sweet. It’s senseless to post lengthy copy on your squeeze page. Since all you really want is the emails of your visitors, there’s not much you have to do to persuade them.

Make sure to include a picture of the gift you are offering in return for their emails as well as copy that isn’t overly long. Consider getting a cover designed by a graphic designer, if you are giving your subscribers a free report or e-book.

Doing this will help you increase your conversion rate, even if it seems unnecessary. Another thing you can do is to ask your visitors to subscribe to your list using an audio message embedded into your squeeze page.

The key to a good squeeze page is for it to be as simple as possible, with no clutter or frills. The main function of a squeeze page is to turn your visitors into subscribers. Your squeeze page shouldn’t be too busy and, in fact, it should be quite basic and concise.

A basic page does not automatically imply a lack of professionalism. People should grasp your message as soon as they land on your page. Don’t confuse your visitors by having heavy graphics, blaring music or a design that’s not pleasant. The design of your page should complement your copy in such a way that it not only helps your prospects, but also presents a professional image in front of them.

Outline your very best benefits on your squeeze page using benefit bullets. These benefits would outline what the new subscribers would get out of your offer, but in order to make them clear, using bullet points and lots of white space will help your visitors understand the real purpose of your squeeze page; and will boost your conversion rates.

To summarize, this article shows you the best techniques to improve the performance of your squeeze page. Ensure that you are taking consistent action to increase the conversion rate of your squeeze page and increase your subscriber base.

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