How To Achieve Goals

Once you have set some goals to help you achieve your long term desired outcomes, it is time to decide how to achieve goals.  With hard work and consistency, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Write it Down

One of the keys to achieving goals will seem obvious to many people: Write it down.  Some people think about their goals, but they never commit them to paper.  By not writing down your goals, you make it much easier to forego thinking about them and, therefore, working towards them.

Write down both your short and long term goals, and look at the list often.  Keep these goals in the front of your mind and always be comparing the decisions you must make with how those decisions will affect your goals.

Break it Down

Some goals can be summed up easily in a sentence or two, but other bigger goals will need to broken down.  Take the time to break down larger goals into digestible bites, so that you can still feel like you are accomplishing something even before you get to cross that goal off as completed.

One step in how to achieve goals is to have a “daily list” of action items that you accomplish TODAY.  The daily list will not take the place of your list of goals, but it is a way to make sure that every day you are doing at least one thing toward achieving your goals.

Ask for Help

There are some goals that you may not be able to achieve on your own.  Perhaps you will need to ask your family for an hour each day of alone time or maybe you can ask a friend with a particular talent if he’d be willing to help you.  The key is not to be afraid to ask for help.  The worst that will happen is that someone will say no.

Make Sacrifices

Here is an example of how to achieve goals; there are people who want to run a successful business, but they don’t show up to their office until 10 a.m.  Others don’t want to give up their lifestyle in order to finance the next goal on their list.  The bottom line is that, many times, in order to achieve your goals, you will have to make sacrifices.   Sometimes that will mean a sacrifice of money, other times it will be a sacrifice of hard work.  Those who are unwilling to make sacrifices – and do whatever it takes – to reach their goals are unlikely to be successful.

Believe You Can (A key ingredient in how to achieve goals)

This sounds corny, but for many people lack of self confidence is the biggest thing holding them back.  Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will instantly remove self doubt. The best way to overcome it is to, at first, ignore it. 

Do not give one moment thought to those little voices that tell you all the reasons that you can’t do something.  Instead, just ignore them and plow right on through.  You’ll find that once your hard work has helped you to accomplish some of your goals, your self confidence will begin to increase.

Reward Yourself

As you achieve each goal, take the time to reward yourself for your success.  Even if you feel the goal was a small one, take time to relish the victory.  The small goals add up to big accomplishments, so all are worthy of celebrating.

How to achieve goals can be summed up quite simple: hard work, determination and belief in yourself. Combine those three things, and there nothing that you can’t do.

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