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Not that long ago, no one ever heard of a backlinking service, and now they are everywhere. It’s not likely that Google ever foresaw the current mad scramble to gain high PR backlinks that now exists online. We say this because Google expects (wants) you to build a terrific authority site with great content.

We certainly can’t argue with this approach. However, they also expect you to just keep going along and wait for people to naturally backlink to you because you have a great site. Google’s notion that people with online businesses will act this way borders on the ridiculous.

If you do not believe us, that is really fine. There are lots of ways to get more backlinks to your site. But if you want to get high PR backlinks, then we will share a few methods with you.

Outranking other sites, especially if they don’t have the best quality links, is not hard if you make it a point to get your links from high PR sites in your own niche and use anchor text with well researched keywords. You can focus on quantity, and get a huge amount of low quality links, or you can focus on quality instead. You have to decide.

There’s no better method for getting relevant links than to frequently guest blog on sites in your niche with high PR. If you’re in a niche that’s at all popular, you won’t have any trouble finding relevant blogs by doing a search with Google. Contact as many site or blog owners as you can, asking them if they’d be willing to accept some guest articles.

You can find some great PR backlink sources using forum backlinking. Avoid using forums that do “not” allow signature links because that is where your backlink comes from.

Forums know what is going on, and some have discontinued allowing a signature link. An alternative but still forum backlinking is engaging the services of those who do a certain type of forum backlinking for you.

That is fine to do, but we very highly recommend you do get backlinks from sources other than forums. You should always cover your tracks, and by that we mean look natural and have different sources for your backlinks. It is very important that you appear to have natural backlinking just in case Google decides to pull your file and review your site.

Another method of getting high PR backlinks is submitting your sites to directories. Remember that you can find backlinks from low to high use any method you read about. So if you only want to focus on high PR backlinks, that is fine. But also remember that Google looks for what is natural, so you may want to purposely include PR backlinks from low to high.

Specialized directory submission services can be found for directory backlinks. Use many varied sources and spread your links around.

It’s now simple to get lots of high PR backlinks in a short time by using one of the many backlinking services. It’s always smart to look for reviews or recommendations about a service before choosing them. You can also try their service out, preferably on one of your smaller sites.

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