Goal Setting For Kids

Some people might wonder why goal setting for kids is important.  Successful people understand the benefit of having clearly defined goals.  While your children are young, you should start to instill the importance of goal setting so that they can get into the habit of making decisions that will help them reach their stated goals.

Here are some tips for helping your kids set goals and ways to help
keep them on track.

Let the Kids Choose the Goals

Allow the children to feel as though they are setting their own goals. You will, of course, offer guidance and suggestions, but the child should feel empowered that he is creating his own goals. This will help him feel ownership of the goal setting process.

Be Sure the Goals are Realistic

While not reaching every goal is certainly part of the learning process, you do not want to set your child up for failure by having them set goals that are impossibly high. For example, if your child is an average student, the goal should not be to get all A’s. Instead, guide him toward choosing a more modest goal, such as bringing his C in math up to a B.

When you allow your child to set goals that he has the ability to reach, you are helping to build his confidence which will then propel him to be able to achieve more lofty goals in the future.

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Let Them Make Some Decisions

Part of reaching goals is making every day decisions that will move you closer to that goal. As a parent, it is tough not to take over and make demands about every decision that is made. Obviously, there are plenty of times when this is necessary, but part of the learning process should also involve letting him make bad decisions.

Let him see how one bad decision can put a damper on his ability to reach his goal.  This is a very valuable lesson, and the younger a child is when he learns it, the better.

Keep a List

You’ll want to have a list of your child’s goals somewhere where you can both see them.  You’ll want to point him to the list whenever he has a decision to make that could have an impact – good or bad – on reaching one of the stated goals.

Also, it’s easy to let goals slip to the back of your mind where they can be forgotten. A list posted in an obvious place will prevent this from happening and will help your child stay focused on that which he is trying to achieve.

Have Periodic Tag-Ins

Remember that one of the main points of goal setting for kids is so that they can learn how to work towards their goals. By holding weekly or monthly goal tag-in meetings with your child, you will be able to discuss their successes and failures in relation to meeting the goal.

If they made a bad decision, use this tag-in as a time to discuss how a different choice would have been more beneficial.

Offer Guidance

Obviously, you want your child to learn how to reach goals on his own, but he is still learning. You should be there to offer guidance and suggestions for ways to help him achieve those goals. That doesn’t, of course, mean that you should do any of the work for him.

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Instead, just act as a mentor giving him tips and helpful guidance as he works towards his goals.

Goal setting for kids is an important learning tool. Not only will it help them now, but if these skills are learned properly, they will help them for the rest of their lives.

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