Clickbank Merchant Mistakes

There is a process involved when you want to sell your products on Clickbank, but it is very simple to do. You do not need to do any of the hassles involved with a merchant account or anything like that. So regardless of what kind of downloadable product you have, you can easily get into business using Clickbank’s services.

However, as a Clickbank merchant/vendor there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid. The rest of this article will talk about the kinds of Clickbank vendor mistakes that can really take the wind out of your sails.

The biggest mistake many Clickbank merchants make is listing their website to the Clickbank marketplace long before they’re actually prepared to receive any customers. Work on completing your website properly before you open it to the public.

Once Clickbank begins sending huge amounts of traffic your way, they won’t want to see a message from your web host saying your page isn’t built yet.

This could lead to a bad impression being made on those 100,000+ affiliates on Clickbank. Another mistake is to overlook the amount of bandwidth your prospects might be limited to. Not everyone who is online has a high speed Internet connection. So be careful about the size of the graphics and the loading speed of the site.

Learn how to compress large image sizes and know how a GIF, PNG or JPG image will affect those loading times. See if you can find out how big the file sizes are for your graphics. You should keep them below 20 KB if you can.

Do not forget that you should market your product just like you were an affiliate. Hopefully you realize that it is a very smart idea to actively recruit super affiliates as much as possible.

You most certainly can be successful as a Clickbank merchant, but as you have read you need to make sure you avoid mistakes. You can find your success with this model, but you have to be willing to do your part and work hard at it.

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