Choose Your Attitude

You probably know someone with a negative attitude. Aren’t they great fun to be around? Some people are so negative, that they can find a problem even in the most appealing of situations.

Usually, people will run the other way when they see that person coming. Such negativity is not only a drain on their own life, but on the lives of everyone that they come in contact with.

The sad thing is, whether that person realizes it or not, they are CHOOSING to be that way. They have the power to choose their attitude.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you are choosing your own attitude.

You Can’t Hide It

Some negative people think that they can put of a false front and pretend to be positive. In most cases, it just doesn’t work. The negativity shines through. The same is true of a positive attitude. Not that anyone would necessarily try to hide it, but even when they may not be thinking about it, that positive attitude shines through.

It’s easy to see how choosing a positive attitude can make you more appealing.

You Can Be Happier

One common denominator among all negative people is that they are not happy. How could they be? They see the downside to every situation! You can have a direct impact on your own happiness by choosing to have a positive attitude.

Here is a choice that you can make – that no one else can impact – that directly affects your level of happiness. Choose your attitude and choose your own level of joy.

Your Kids See It

Those little eyes are always watching, and those little ears are always listening. Unless you want to raise the next generation of complainers, you need to choose a positive attitude today.  Kids that are surrounded by parents who are negative really have no option but to develop a similar attitude. How could they not?

All they ever hear is negative comments. You have the opportunity to model a positive attitude for your children. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

It Can Change Your Circumstance

The power of positive thinking is very real. If you see the brighter side of situations, your own circumstances will often have better outcomes. That’s not to imply that when you choose your attitude you are guaranteed to have every single thing that you want.

However, it does set the stage for more of your dreams and goals to be met. How? One reason is that negative people do not tend to think much about how to overcome an obstacle. Instead, they just dwell on the obstacle as being a reason they will never have what they want.

On the other hand, positive people will see the obstacle, but their mind will quickly begin to think of ways to turn that obstacle into something positive. Instead of whining and complaining about the obstacle, they immediately begin seeking ways to remove it.

You can choose your attitude. You need to learn to replace each negative thought with a positive one. For some people, especially those who have been sporting a negative attitude for years, the transition can take some time and concerted effort.

If will be worth it, however, when you one day realize that by choosing to have a positive attitude, you have been able to reach your goal and have started to pass that positive attitude on to your children and others around you.

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